Registering a UK company for VAT in Poland

If you have a UK limited liability company and would like to register it for VAT in Poland, you can easily start the process with the help of a sworn Polish translator who is an expert in Polish legal and certified translation. The registration for VAT in Poland is becoming increasingly popular especially among those UK companies who are interested in trading on Amazon and other online platforms. I am a Polish translator based in the UK so the Polish translation service you receive is very straightforward and fuss free.

All you need to do is collect certified copies of your company documents to be translated officially by a Polish translator. The Polish authorities need to be satisfied that the documentation has been translated into Polish by a sworn translator. Only documents that have been translated by a Polish sworn translator will be recognised and accepted. With that in mind, do not hesitate to contact me a Polish Translator certified by the Polish Ministry of Justice for a quote. The prices for sworn document translation service start from just £30.00.

As a Polish translator specialising in this field, I have a broad experience translating company documents such as the Articles of Association, the Memorandum of Association, Certificates of Incorporation, Good Standing Certificates, Current Appointments Reports, VAT Certificates and many more to support your case to obtain the National Court Register Number (KRS Number) and VAT number. The sworn translation service provided is confidential and any company documents sent are safe and secure. The turnaround is fast and you can easily contact me by phone or email.

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