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Legal Sector Translation & Interpreting Services

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I am a certified legal translator certified by the Polish Ministry of Justice (licence No TP/67/14). A certified legal translation is recognised and accepted by official bodies such as courts, government authorities, organisations and institutions. Be confident in the quality of the correspondence you are sending and receiving.

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Private Sector Translation & Interpreting Services

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If you want your business to thrive through international markets and or with a diversified workforce, choose only the best document translation and interpreting service provider. I have been working closely with private sector organisations since I launched my business in 2008.

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Public Sector Translation & Interpreting Services

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I provide public sector organisations with confidential, professional and on-time linguistic services. All interpreting and translation assignments are marked by quality delivered by a true language specialist. I have many areas of expertise, experience and academic achievements that includes community interpreting.

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Individual Client Translation & Interpreting Services

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Certified translations of official documents is a legal requirement in Poland. Official bodies such as courts and government authorities will not accept official documents that have not been certified by a certified professional translator. I am a Certified Legal Translator (licence No TP/67/14) and am ready to help you in your document translation needs.

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Ewa Hayward

Ewa Hayward at the Polish Ministry of Justice

Ewa Hayward is a Sworn Legal Translator (licence No TP/67/14) certified by the Ministry of Justice, Poland who has been perfecting the skills of Polish translation and interpreting since 2004. She began her career in translation after graduating from Gdańsk University, Poland with a Master’s Degree in Linguistics.

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Everything you need to know including the rates, translation process and more. This section answers the most common questions my clients ask. Find your answer with just one click!


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Over the years, since the beginning of my business’s online presence, I have often asked clients to provide a short testimonial often after several times of using my service. Here are the testimonials my clients have so kindly responded with.

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