Legal Documents Translation

In cases involving a Polish party or Polish parties who are limited English users translating a court bundle may be critical in order to achieve communication, progress with a case and to make the evidence and information accessible for your client(s). As a Polish translator certified by the Polish Ministry of Justice, I fully understand the importance of accuracy of translations produced and the significance of the approach to take when translating legal documentation containing essential information for a hearing.

I am a Polish translator who specialises in legal translation and take an utmost care to ensure that the translated court bundle is easy to refer to for legal and other professionals and Polish clients alike as the layout of the translated content constitutes a mirror reflection of the original documentation.

The types of casework I have translated as an expert Polish translator include among others: family cases, criminal cases and personal injury cases. The translation service provided is confidential and any documents sent are safe and secure. I provide my Polish translation services in line with the legal aid rates and when working with solicitors and other legal professionals I am very much aware of time sensitivity of the requested Polish translation.

Types of documents comprising a court bundle I have translated:

  • Preliminary documents and case management documents
  • Applications and orders
  • Statements including position statements and affidavits
  • Experts’ reports and other reports
  • Summary of matters
  • A chronology

The turnaround is as efficient as possible prioritising the most critical documentation in the court bundle. In order to discuss your requirements, you can easily contact me a certified Polish translator by phone or email.

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